All about massage

The benefits of massage

The story of massage dates back deep into history. People in ancient times understood the benefits of massage And I could also sit here and tell you of all the benefits of massage. >read more

Why do we need vacuum cups for massage?

This procedure not only is for cellulite. When using these vacuum cups for massage we need to move them around the affected area. Creating a vacuum helps to break down the fat. >read more

Anti – stress massage

This is a special kind of massage. The most popular and sought after. This massage is for anyone. In addition to relieving stress and having a relaxing effect over the whole body. >read more

Why do we need a head massage?

One of the most enjoyable and relaxing massages. Strong positive emotions with full deep relaxation. It creates a deeper sleep and relieves headaches. It also restores blood flow in a thin layer of skin on the head. >read more

General classic massage

Classic massage originates from the time of B.C. This method was used in these years to restore physical strength, emotional balance and the treatment of various diseases. >read more

Massage and a sedentary lifestyle

Massage – is not a luxury but a necessity. The benefits of massage speak for themselves. Do we need to prove to anyone of its capabilities. >read more

Massage the neck and shoulders

The neck is the first to suffer from the effects of an adverse lifestyle due to the immobility of the muscles in the neck and back. Therefore the cervical area has more problems, congestion, puffiness and pinched vertebrae. >read more

The anti – cellulite program

Anti-cellulite program – this alternation of hand and jars is used on the problem areas of the skin. The principle of their effect is simple. The jars create a vacuum on the skin and increase the blood flow to the area in need. >read more

Treatment MASSAGE WITH ENT diseases. Ears, nose and throat diseases

Effects on the neck must be proceeded by therapeutic massage for ENT diseases. This is to drain the lymph nodes back to the blood. >read more

Face massage

I want to dispel the idea for people that massage is just a pleasant, relaxing procedure. Yes it can be relaxing but it also works wonders. >read more

Strong (sports) massage!

Strong massage is also known as a sports massage. It is recommended to improve physical fitness for people involved in sports. This is a more profound massage, working on all muscle groups and incorporating the use of elbows and knees if needed. >read more

Foot massage strengthens the organism

The feet are considered the “second heart” of organs and an important sign of health, because the feet are the body’s reflex zones and these zones can be accurately diagnosed. >read more