Attention! Before commencing on a massage, you will confirm that you have consulted with your physician to identify any contraindications. The Doctor has given you clearance on all massage treatments without contraindications.



X Different Neoplasms.

X Hypertension and hypotension (very high and very low blood pressure)

X Diabetes

X Acute myocardial ischemia

X Acute respiratory infection (ARI, influenza)

X Gastric disorder (vomiting, nausea and diarrhea)

X Gangrene

X Trophic Ulcers

X Lymphadenitis

X Tuberculosis

X Syphilis

X Osteomyelitis

X Complications after surgery

X Renal, hepatic, pulmonary, cardiac failure during an exacerbation.

X Drugs

X Acute febrile conditions and high temperatures

X Bleeding or Thrombosis

X Malignant blood diseases

X Different purulent diseases

X Different diseases of the skin, nails, hair (infection, a fungus).

X Acute inflammation of the blood and lymphatic vessels or varicose veins.

X Atherosclerosis of peripheral vascular and vascular of brain

X Aortic aneurysm and heart

X Allergic disease with cutaneous rash, angioedema (hives) or anaphylaxis (allergic reaction)

X Malignant tumors .

X Mental illness with excessive psychomotor agitation.

X Pregnancy.