Strong (sports) massage!


Strong massage is also known as a sports massage. It is recommended to improve physical fitness for people involved in sports. This is a more profound massage, working on all muscle groups and incorporating the use of elbows and knees if needed. Preparing for competitions and enhanced training involves compulsory visits for a massage. Sports massage improves muscle tone, improves metabolism and normalizes blood circulation. If you have a sports injury, during a recovery, it is also advised to have a massage.

In the process of a massage, a specialist warms up all the muscles and ligaments. Thus the organism adjusts to the pressure and after the massage the muscles and ligaments can relax. Kneading is used for the sports massage so all the layers of muscle tissue are reached. Due to the expansion of blood vessels, this increases the level of endurance and muscle strength. If you visit a strong massage after training – stress is removed from the entire body and  normalizes emotional state.

Advantages the Strong of massage:

  • Toxins and impurities exit from organism
  • Lowering risk of injury
  • The increase velocity of blood circulation
  • Prophylaxis of bone and muscle diseases
  • Activation of regeneration system of the whole organism.