Sports massage (strong)

The stress and strain of the working week compels us to strengthen our physical health at a fitness centre/gym.  But often being under the instructors guiding hand or program, we can still not manage to go without an injury or two.

When we cross the threshold of exercise within the gym, we want a full return from our muscles.  Again massage comes to our aid and relieves muscles and body from pain and tiredness. This massage is an individual massage and will be adapted in strength of massage to the individual.

After an intense workout, muscles accumulate large amounts of oxidized products – lactic acid. This causes muscle pain and fatigue. Lactic acid contributes to the further growth of muscles but the pain/fatigue will shorten our exercise or workout and give us cause to stop. We have looked for ways to solve this problem but the way has long been known.

After a course of sports massage, the pain will go, muscle tone is created and you will be free from joint stiffness. This will optimize blood flow and metabolism. You will insure yourself from the adverse effects of physical exercise and you will move more freely.

It will make your whole body strong, sturdy and ready to solve any problem that confronts us in our modern rhythm of life.

ALWAYS REMEMBER!  It is better to prevent injury than to cure. We are not so healthy if we neglect a massage.