The benefits of massage


The story of massage dates back deep into history. People in ancient times understood the benefits of massage And I could also sit here and tell you of all the benefits of massage. Today I only briefly cover this topic and tell you massage helps to bring your body in tone and  you are relaxed. It removes anxiety, irritability and gives you a positive mood. It distracts you from everyday worries and saves you from insomnia.

Massage techniques have a positive effect  on the digestive system. It improves gas exchange, the exchange of minerals and excretes salts from the body. After a massage session, histamine and acetylcholine are formed in the skin to create a positive influence . Also  massage has a positive effect on the function of tendons, ligaments and joints. Increasing the elasticity of the tendons and their movement. It reduces swelling, pain and the cramps after exercise.

Blood circulation is improved, there is a moderate expansion of the blood vessels and, the left atrium and ventricle normalizes during a massage. Metabolism in the cells is improved and therefore the skin starts to take in oxygen.  Massage is not recommended during exacerbation of hypertension.

Massage improves metabolism in the skin and normalizes the sebaceous and sweat glands. It also affects the other organs as well as the whole body. In short, the massage is very useful and positive for the whole body. However, we do have some contraindications to keep in mind.  The doctor must check your health and give you clearance for classical massage if you have a history of poor health.