Foot massage

Foot Massage – An incomparable pleasure. Massage will not only remove fatigue from the feet but will bring all your muscles legs and body in tune.

The reason for this is that on the foot is a large number of reflex points. These are responsible for the condition of the internal organs.

For example, in the foot arch, there is a large concentration of points, which in modern reflexology relate to the spine. Therefore stimulation of this zone on the feet will eliminate pain in the back and will bring relief to all organism.

Stimulation to the toes makes a salutary impact on the eyes, ears, teeth gums and nasal airways.

In Eastern Europe the grandmother or parents are known to rub vodka on the feet of their grandchildren / children when they start to get a cold.

The pressure points on your feet can write a whole volume of improvements to your health. The pressure points correspond to the internal organs and to the general mood of the person.

Active massage on these pressure points leads to an improvement of general health with the removal of various aches and pains.  Having a foot massage from a professional, you will restore your vitality that will give you a very positive influence on your emotional state. Foot massage reduces stress and gives you a good mood.

In Ancient times foot massage was always known for the recovery of the internal harmony. Putting pressure on the points of your feet will yield tremendous results.

Each nerve ending is linked with other important parts of your body. The big toe is responsible for the head. The forefinger is responsible for the eyes. Foot massage improves blood circulation and serves as a prevention to arthritis and joint pains. It takes away fatigue, tension and stress.

Treat yourself to a foot massage. It will bring you good health and good mood. ))