Foot massage strengthens the organism


The feet are considered the “second heart” of organs and an important sign of health, because the  feet are the body’s reflex zones and these zones can be accurately diagnosed.

Foot massage – this is a special kind of massage, which is carried out by means of friction, vibration, gentle pressure, etc. This massage is a natural non-traumatic treatment, which is used as health, hygiene, therapeutic and preventive agents, as well as to maintain the overall health of the organism.


  • It improves blood circulation, improves metabolism, clears all meridians. It helps to maintain the body in good shape.
  • On the feet there are many nerve points, so you can normalize and improve the functions of the corresponding organs through effective stimulation of the reflex zones.
  • Eliminates pain, improves blood circulation immunity.
  • Removes toxins from the organism.


  • spinal injuries.
  • soft tissue damage and local swelling.
  • Severe diseases of the head, lungs, heart, hypertension.
  • Skin diseases and injuries.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Mental illness.


Before the foot massage, first the feet must be steamed with hot water for 15 minutes. This procedure is not recommended in a state of starvation or the total opposite. Foot massage stimulates circulation, so during the procedure, a common reaction is lung vertigo.