Face massage


I want to dispel the idea for people that massage is just a pleasant, relaxing procedure. Yes it can be relaxing but it also works wonders. The process of a massage dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the skin and tissues. This improves oxygen metabolism, lymph drainage and the supply of nutrients.  As a result of this  massage, it normalizes the physiological functions of the skin, (fat, sweating and metabolism). Allowing you to get rid of the swelling, bruising, and puffiness. Also reducing body fat and making the skin soft and supple with a healthy complexion. In addition to all these wonders, it increases muscle strength and flexibility while maintaining the correct form of the face without operations.

What do I mean when I say “competent approach”? Firstly it is the regularity of having a massage. The single massage will not have a maximum effect. To get the maximum effect, this will need a full course of 20 sessions of massage. To get a less effect, this will need a minimum of 10 sessions of massage. The time between them should be no less than twice a week for maximum effect, but it is better to have the massage every second day. With this regularity the effect will stay up to 6 months.

Second facial massage – it is a complex and time consuming work. It requires good knowledge of anatomy and acupuncture  points. Also the correct pressure is needed for the required areas. It’s like playing a musical instrument.

Theoretically, most people can be taught  but not everyone can achieve excellence.


Acne  severe rosacea, eczema, hypertrichosis, dermatitis, severe disorders of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension, diseases of the nervous system, viral diseases and aggravated chronic diseases. The face massage is possible for everyone else and not limited to the variety of skin types.  Personally, I recommend that all women should not think about complicated and costly cosmetic procedures. First try a face massage. The effect can exceed all your expectations with no damage or harm to any part of your face.