Treatment MASSAGE WITH ENT diseases. Ears, nose and throat diseases


Effects on the neck must be proceeded by therapeutic massage for ENT diseases. This is to drain the lymph nodes back to the blood. To massage the neck can also prevent heart disease, tonsillitis, Mumps, sinusitis,  Therapeutic massage for tonsillitis, Strengthening of the immune system in the neck,  helps prevent tonsillitis, infections of the tonsils,  as well as anti-bodies consisting of lymph capillaries. These are at the base of the tongue.

Pharyngeal tonsils are often subject to  streptococcus infection. They are a mass of lymphatic tissue. To massage the neck and shoulders in the acute stage of this disease is impossible. Therefore people with tonsillitis need to carry out a preventative massage before. Especially at the time of year when the climatic conditions change and provoke this to happen. However, a point massage can be performed immediately after tonsillitis which eliminates congestion and can provoke an aggravation in the future.

Massage therapy for sinusitis, – Sinusitis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membranes of the sinus. (frontal, sphenoid, and maxillary).  A course in the massage is  an aid to treat chronic sinusitis and can be practised in the absence of an acute  inflammation.. , It is recommended to treat with massage therapy before any increased risks. This means the change of weather and time of year.