Why do we need a head massage?


One of the most enjoyable and relaxing massages. Strong positive emotions with full deep relaxation. It creates a deeper sleep and relieves headaches. It also restores blood flow in a thin layer of skin on the head. This provides nutrition and also strengthens hair, giving it a healthy appearance.  Massage regulates the sebaceous glands, cleanses the skin from dead skin cells, and creating the skin on the head to breathe more comfortable. It also facilitates the giving of nutrients to this area.

Start the massage movements to warm the skin.. Gradually increase pressure using circular motions. Then to end massage slow the motion to relaxing movements. It is important to sit comfortable and relax during this massage. Head massage stabilizes and calms the nervous system, relieves headaches, prevention of migraines, dizziness and helps with neurasthenia.  It improves memory and increases efficiency. Massage the scalp just before bedtime, this helps with the problem of falling asleep.