Why do we need vacuum cups for massage?


This procedure not only is for cellulite. When using these vacuum cups for massage we need to move them around the affected area. Creating a vacuum helps to break down the fat. The vacuum creates a surge of blood and thus giving the tissue oxygen and nutrients and eliminating toxins.

Like any other type of massage, cupping massage requires a qualified specialist to comply with all the rules, desired results needed. This procedure is not recommended for varicose veins, tumours, skin diseases or inflammatory diseases. We should complete a course of about ten massages to get the desired results. The experienced specialist will advise you to compliment these procedures with good nutrition and exercise.

Vacuum Massage is not only suitable for people with cellulite It is also very good for osteochondrosis, radiculitis and the common cold. This is best treated in the initial stages of the cold. After the massage you will get less fever and you will breathe easier. Cup massage will strengthen the immune system. In severe injuries and soft tissue injuries, it helps normalize blood circulation, enhance lymphatic flow, relieve pain and accelerate the process of convalescence.

During a vacuum massage there is a feeling of heat with a soft burning sensation. Some people complain of a little pain and small areas of bruising. To avoid more pain and bruising the masseur will give small lighter movements.