Whether it is possible to massage client with high blood pressure?

Surely warn the massage therapist about tendency to an elevated blood pressure or low blood pressure.

Massage can be done with high blood pressure but not strong.


If my hands go numb. What type of massage is best for this?

The best massage for this is neck and shoulder massage. Then perhaps after consultation with the inclusion of a hand massage.


Whether it is possible to massage a client with a hernia and a protrusion?

If the doctor gives confirmation for a massage and also giving direction to the type of hernia. For example, if it is (the sequestered) the massage has to be applied carefully.


Slight dizziness after massage is it normal?

Sometimes slight dizziness after the first session of massage is normal. The brain gives an additional rush of blood and it is worth sitting down to rest for 5 minutes or more. Usually the dizziness will pass quickly and after there is a feeling of ease.


Whether it is possible to do massage at an acute pain?

No, massage should not be performed . It can only aggravate the pain and give the patient excess discomfort. Wait for a minimum of 2 days using anti-inflammatories or anesthetizing ointment before the pain will start to disperse.


Will pain pass without treatment?

No, not by itself. If you suddenly feel pain disappear, it does not mean that the problem has gone and you are now healthy again. This false feeling of wellbeing and is not true because the problem hides within an organism. It can appear again but triple in size. This means treatment is needed.


How often is recommended for a massage?

This will depend on the task assigned for the massage.

For the prevention. It is best for the organism to relax and get use to the changes after the massage. For this to work at its optimum effect, only massage one to two times a week continuously …

For treatment massage. It is necessary to understand the degree of pain before the massage. If the pain is not severe and not a contraindication, then the massage is best to do every second day. This is to not overload the body with the constant pain. It is necessary to do a full treatment 10 – 12 massages.

For Anti – cellulite massage. It is advisable to have the massage every second day. Then to complete a full course of ten to twelve for best effects.

For treatment and prevention of chronic diseases , the massage is best carried out with two courses a year . With acute exacerbation, this is best carried out three to four courses a year .


Can I have a massage during menstruation?

Massage is not advisable during menstruation. It is best to wait two to three days after severe bleeding.. The massage will be soft and careful with two to three days after starting. Then massage can be back to normal pressure after menstruation has finished.


Will I have pain during the massage?

It depends on the type of massage, fitness, preparation and your pain threshold. After 3 – 4 sessions the pain will feel only slight because the tolerance will increase and even start to feel comfortable. When there is pain, this shows where there are problems. Generally the more pain, the more of a problem and no pain no problem.


Is it possible to do a massage for varicose veins?

Yes it is possible. Massage must be gentle whilst focusing above and below the varicose veins.


Can I eat before the massage?

Do not eat immediately before the massage. Allow two hours before to let the food settle. Then also two hours after the massage.


When will the massage give me results?

This answer varies with the massage and the problem. In some cases it will take several sessions but in some cases you will get an immediate result. You can feel a surge of warmth, relaxation, and a reduction or complete disappearance of pain.


Do healthy people need a massage?

Yes , definitely . Firstly, a perfect healthy person does not exist. Secondly, the problem is easier to prevent than to fight. This is why a massage is needed for all people. It increases your immunity (vitality) and immunomodulators are recommended by doctors. To use these with a massage will improve your immunity.


The anti cellulite massage is a strong pressure massage. Will this hurt?

The anti cellulite massage is not for the person who wishes a relaxing massage. The massage is needed to use strong pressure to break down the “fatty tissue”. The pain will decrease each time during every massage session. This Anti cellulite massage is very effective and worth that small time of pain to have that long time of beauty.


How often should I have a face massage?

It is necessary to have a face massage twice a week or every second day to ensure a long lasting effect on the face. Each session should last 15 – 20 minutes and a course to last between 10 – 20 sessions. For the best effect, 3 courses a year with intervals of 2 – 3 months.


Can massage cause an aggravation of?

Generally massage has to cause aggravations, but in no case not earlier, than on the fifth or sixth procedure. Practicians in medicine know that any disease easier to treat in the period of an aggravation when all symptoms are shown.


Massage and problem of weight reduction. How? )

Massage is of great importance in a complex of the actions losing weight. And I help people who want to get rid of excess weight. I don’t welcome desire “to grow thin lying”, passively, without any efforts, by means of massage.

From massage lose weight only masseurs )). In combating excess weight, as a rule, win the patients, who except massage still actively to do swimming, visit a gym, sit are on a diet and etc.


Should I shower before I arrive at the massage?

And if yes , how long before and after the massage? Yes , a shower should be taken about an hour before you arrive for the massage, All oil is removed after the massage and there is no need to shower when immediately arriving home. The oil used is very good for the skin and will make the skin feel fresh and softer.