The anti – cellulite program


Anti-cellulite program – this alternation of hand and jars is used on the problem areas of the skin. The principle of their effect is simple.  The jars create a vacuum on the skin and increase the blood flow to the area in need. The skin is oiled for protection before the application of the jars.

The jars (banks) are placed on the problem areas and then gently and slowly moved in a circular motion. Soft and slow movements will save the skin from bruising.  This procedure is carried out with extreme caution.  It is necessary to find the location of the lymph nodes as well as behind the knees and work around them.

Never use jars on Lymph nodes and behind the knees. Always remember, that in addition to the course of anti-cellulite massage, you will need to change your lifestyle. Start with a change of diet , an active lifestyle and avoid stressful situations.